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KMSPico is the official activator of windows 7 and other versions of Windows

KMSPico is a Windows activator program that can be downloaded online for free. It works by replacing the activation key of the Windows with a volume key, and this unlocks all the features of the all version s of the Windows OS. Win 10 is among the latest versions of the Windows OS. Many people love it due to its graphics and easy to navigate menus. It is most likely that you may be using this program on your PC at home, work, or school as it is very common nowadays. When you purchase this Windows 10 program, you get a trial version that then expires after 30 days of use. From there, you now have to insert the activation key to access all the extra features that were available to you when you were using the trial version. Failure to do this, you will see a screen pop up with the words 'Activate Windows'. This when you need to have the Windows 10 activator up and running to help you activate your Windows program and have full access to all its features once again. Here are the features that come with the KMSPico Windows 10 activator

Features of the KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

a) Free of charge 
The number one feature that makes the KMSPico register so many downloads is the fact that it is 100% free. You will not be required at any point to pay even a cent to use this program on your PC to activate your Windows 10 program. What is needed is to go to the official KMSPico website and click on the software to download it on your PC. You will not pay for the software or any of its features. In the case of updates, these too are not charged, and you can get them for free. The KMSPico is a more economical alternative to product keys that will cost you money to buy. Additionally, other activators in the market are also paid for, and therefore, KMSPico is the best option to go for. Moreover, even after paying the initial purchase fee for these products keys and Windows activators, you will be required to pay subsequent renewal fees when the keys expire. 

b) Requires no internet connection
Unlike other activation tools, KMSPico for Windows 10 does not require that your PC be connected to an active internet connection for the activated Windows version to work. You only need an internet connection when you are downloading the software which is less than 5MB in size for your information and once you run it that it. You can continue using it daily without any active internet connection and at no point in time will you see that annoying pop up on your screen asking you to activate your windows. This feature makes the activator suitable for use even in areas where there is not reliable internet connectivity. This guarantees you that you can still have access to all the features of your Windows program. 

c) Resets automatically
When using other Win 10 activator tools, you will be required to reset the log periodically to ensure that it continues to run on your PC without fail. Even with an activation key, the activation lasts just six months, and you will be required to purchase another activation key to continue accessing all the features of your Windows program. With KMSPico however, this should not worry you. The software restarts its log twice daily, and therefore the server reads it as a new activation key twice daily. This ensures that even after the six months lapse, you can still use your activated version of Windows without the fear that at any time you will be put off from the extra features. This lifetime activation makes KMSPico the leading Windows 10 activator you can find in the market. 

d) It is safe for use
KMSPico Windows 10 activator is totally safe for use on your PC. This software is 100% free of any malware or viruses that may bring harm to your PC. Cases of people installing activators and other computer programs that then sniff on their personal information have become rampant in recent times. The KMSPico developers, however, have ensured that you do not become a victim of this by making their activator malware and virus free. You can rest knowing that all your personal information and passwords are safe. Cases of spam ads are also a thing of the past with the KMSPico for Windows 10. 

How to Activate Your Windows 10 with KMSPico

Now that you have read through all the awesome features of the KMSPico, you are most definitely thinking of how you can install this software on your PC to activate your Windows 10. Doing this is simple, and it can be done in a couple of minutes. The following steps will guide you on how to activate your Windows 10 with this activator. 

1. Download the activator

KMSPico can be downloaded from the official website of KMSPico. Here, it is only a matter of clicks, and you can download the software to your PC. You will not be required to fill in any credit card information or any other personal information that may be used fraudulently. Heck! You will not even need to fill in an email address. The download starts immediately depending on your internet connection. 

2. Install the software

Once the download is complete, which should be a couple of seconds or minutes, you need to extract the software from the zip file it’s in. Copy the accompanying password to your clipboard. Click on the software and run it. A prompt to enter the password will pop, paste the copied password here and get going. 

3. Running the activator

Once installed, click on the red button in the next pop up screen and the Windows activation will commence. You need to ensure that your malware protection is disabled temporarily for this to be successful. Once you get a notification that the activation is complete, check your PC status to confirm that your Windows is activated. If not, please restart your PC. 

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