Adobe flash player windows phone 8.1 download

Why can't I download Adobe Flash Player for Windows Phone?

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This wiki article contains information about the availability of Adobe Flash Player for Windows Phone.


Adobe Flash is still used by a vast amount of websites around the world although many sites are currently moving to better platforms such as HTML5. This means that you can't access videos on those sites unless you install Adobe's Flash Player.

The problem, however, is that Adobe killed Flash Player for mobile devices back in June 2012. Since then there has been no official Flash Player app for any mobile device. It is still possible to install an old unofficial version (from 2012) onto Android devices. This is probably not a very good idea though due to a vast number of security issues.

So where does this leave Windows Phone? Adobe never released a Flash Player plug-in for Windows Phone before they killed the plug-in for all mobile platforms on the market. This basically means that there is no way to get Adobe Flash on your Windows Phone device and unless Adobe makes a 360 turn, there will never be one either.

What you can do is to contact your favorite sites (still using Flash) and ask them if they have plans to move to HTML5.

Read the announcement (from June 2012) here:


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Adobe flash player windows phone 8.1 download