Download windows 7 no nokia c3 00

How can I transfer files from my nokia C3 phone to my HP laptop?

  • How can I transfer files from my old pc sony Vista for my laptop new HP 17-j003

    How can I transfer files from my old sony pc running vista for my laptop new HP 17-j003 Windows 8

    Welcome to the HP, Roodie forum.

    There is an easy way to do it using Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer :

    Transfer files and settings from another PC


    If you do not want to transfer files using the easy transfer method, you can manually make the copy.

    1. You can connect the systems on the same network,
    2. Define the folders that contain your data transfer to 'Share' on the network
    3. Map the drive on your new Vista computer system network
    4. Copy the data you want to transfer

    On the Vista Machine:

    • Open a Windows Explorer window,
    • Right click on the folder that contains the data you want to 'share' (transfer)
    • Click Properties > share > share and follow the instructions to allow the folder to be shared on the network

    On the Machine Windows 8:

    • Windows key (opens the start screen) > anywhere type 'computer' >
    • Click on "computer" to open the "Computer" File Explorer window >
    • Click map network drive and follow the instructions to map the drive

    Don't forget: If your account name is different on the Vista computer, you will need to click on "Sign in using different credentials" and then enter the name of the account on the Vista computer AND the password for this account.

    You can do this with the upper or lower level folders folder level - as long as the folder is shared, you should have general access to the data it contains.

    There are cases where you will not end up being "owner" of the data transferred - you will have to perhaps enter and adjust the property for files / folders after they are copied to the computer of Windows 8.


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  • How can I transfer files from XP to windows 8?

    There is a download of easy transfer from XP to Windows 7, but nothing for Windows 8


    With the help AND under Windows 7 is very similar Windows 8 but the main features are different.

    You are not reading and respecting the links posted in the first post.

    Move your files, Favorites and settings<- this="">

    Here's how to use Windows Easy Transfer:

    When you are finished, you can see a report of what was transferred, as well as what Windows was not able to move. To view the report, on your new PC, search for Windows Easy Transfer reports in your applications using the search of charm.

    • Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer files from a 64-bit version of Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows. In this case, you need to move your files manually.

    • If your old PC is running Windows Vista or Windows XP, you will be walked Windows Easy Transfer installation as part of the transfer process.

      Rob - SpiritX

  • How can I transfer files from desktop to Satellite L10

    How can I transfer files (My Documents) of desktop running Windows XP for Toshiba L10 portable? No COM or serial port L10.


    I prefer to use the connection to the local network. It s a simple procedure.
    You must set the same workgroup on both devices (laptop and desktop)
    Then you will need to select the LAN card properties and select the properties of the TCP/IP protocol.
    Here, you must set the IP on the laptop such as the and the laptop at
    Door entry and other parameters to solve automatically.
    Don t forget to set the sharing option on the folder where the files are placed.
    After restarting again the connection to the local network should work.

  • How can I transfer files from box mail bigpond to documents/administration

    How can I transfer files to documents/administration bigpond mailbox


    I suggest that you contact BigPond support for better help on the issue.

  • How can I transfer files from Tablet PC?

    I just bought an Iconia A1 180 tablet.  I would like to know how to transfer files from my PC to the tablet.

    I know not how to connect and use Bluetooth or a cable with a USB key.  What I'm asking is, how you say thePC to send files to a particular folder on the tablet.

    I have read the manual that tells how to connect via cable or the Bluetooth, but exactly how to send a file.

    I tried to send files, but whenever they do not.  If they did I don't know where they were going.  I'm in a bit of a tizzy, so if you can help it would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Do a quick Google search for 'android File Manager windows network sharing' or something similar. I think you will find it easier to share files on your network, and when you do so to share Windows files with the Tablet instead of sharing files with Windows Android.

    Basically, set you up folders on your Windows machines like file shares, and then access these actions from the side Android with a file manager application...

  • My video card is released. How can I transfer files from computer A to computer B w/out see comparison screen?

    The video card on my computer came out and the laptop must be sent repair. I have another laptop, but I need to get my files off the damaged before you send it. How can I do this with/without see the damaged screen on the laptop?


    As you are not able to see the screen of the laptop I suggest you to remove the hard drive from the laptop and then plug it into another system to transfer data.


    The method above includes work with the hardware components of the system that requires a good knowledge of the system hardware, so we suggest that you contact the nearest store of technology to perform this task.

  • How can I transfer files from aol safari app to the mail app?


    I'm trying to transfer my files from my aol email in safari for my mail app on my Mac Air 13?  What should the steps I'm indoing this?

    Thanks in advance

    AOL provides the documentation here


    Mail for Mac (Apple)
    Set up your AOL email account or email

    1. launch the Mac Mail using the mail icon on your dock.

    2. click on the menu of messaging in the upper left corner of the screen next to the symbol of the Apple.

    3. click on accounts...

    4. scroll until you see AOL on the right side of the window and click on it.

    5. Enter your AOL email account information in the fields.

    6. click on connect / setting up, depending on which version of Mac OS x you are using.

    7. once the account information has been validated you will be invited to a new window. Select the applications you want activated by placing a check mark in the box next to the application.

    8. click done once, finished activating/deactivating the Apps.

    That's all! Your AOL email account has been set up in the Mac Mail.

  • How can I transfer files from PC to PC with flash player?

    How to transfer photos from the laptop to the desktop using the flash player

    From Internet Explorer

    Original title: transfer files


    Copy the files from PC1 to Flash the drive then copy from a flashdrive to PC2.


  • I have yahoo mail. How can I transfer files from messaging on the disk?

    I have yahoo mail. How to transfer files of mail on a cd?


    I suggest to post the question in this forum and to check if it helps:;_ylt=AoOLgsBcEL5ubwVj3Lmqqzie5HNG;_ylv=3? SID = 396546089

    It will be useful.

  • How can I transfer files from a hard drive on a second hard drive on the same computer

    My 150 G hard drive is full - I installed a second drive hard 150 G and need to download my original hard drive

    My 150 G hard drive is full - I installed a second drive hard 150 G and need to download my original hard drive

    First of all, note that "Download" isn't really an appropriate word.

    Moving files from one disk to the other does not differ from moving from one folder to another folder on the same drive. There are several ways to do so. The two most common are:

    1. copy / paste

    2. open the source and destination in two instances of Windows Explorer (or my computer) and drag and drop from one to the other.

  • How can I transfer files from the laptop with a broken screen of a new netbook under windows Vista 7

    I tried to use an old cable and even if the netbook can see old computer I can't access my files on your old computer, it is said that it wants a username and password, I put these in but they are not accepted, im stuck and don't know what to do. someone please help

    Hi mandyXH,

    Step 1:

    You can try to use an external monitor and check if it helps.


    Move windows between multiple monitors

    Set up multiple monitors

    Step 2:

    Because you have made a new computer and want to move the data to the new machine, you can try to copy files and folders to an external hard drive and then move it to the new machine and see if it works or not.

    Step 3:

    You can also use the easy transfer cable easy to move files and settings from one operating system to another operating system.

    Check out the link:

    Transferring files and settings: frequently asked questions

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • How can I transfer files from drive c to drive f internally

    want to free up space between c and f records

    Hi luigi,

    A good way to free up space from drive c would be if you have moved all your documents, videos and pictures on the f drive.

    To do this, click Start, My Documents.

    Press Ctrl + a
    on your keyboard to select the entire document.
    Press command + x
    on your keyboard to copy everything.

    Click Start, my computer.
    Open drive f
    Make new folder named 'my documents '.
    Double-click the record that you did.
    Right-click in the space emptey and click on paste.
    Start copying all your files.
    When you are finished, My Documents on the start menu should be emptey, and all your files are on a F:\My Documents.

    Click Start, right-click my documents, click Properties.
    Change the target to F:\my documents
    Click OK
    Now when you open my documents it should open the one on your F: drive.

    If you need to free up more space, click on this thread and follow the instructions I gave:


  • Can I transfer files from my recorder ICD-BX132 to my computer?

    Can I transfer files from my recorder ICD-BX132 to my computer and if so, how?

    Please follow the steps below on how to transfer a recording of a recorder of Integrated Circuit (IC) with no USB port on the computer:

  • Can I transfer files from my computer to the iphone doc

    Can I transfer files from my computer to the iphone doc? If so, how?

    Thank you!

    iCloud drive. But you can transfer files that are supported by an installed application. If you mean specifically MS Word documents, you must install MS Office for iOS.

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