Spotify free download for pc windows 10

Spotify for Windows

For most, Spotify is where the music’s at

If you’re the kind of person who likes a lot of control over their music, then this last point - the lack of playback customization - is likely to be a dealbreaker. That said, if you are that kind of person, Spotify isn’t really meant for you. Between the playback options and, until more recently, the lack of certain artists on the app (although the number missing has dropped hugely in recent times), Spotify is aimed at the casual music listener and not the true music lover.

If you’re a lover, you’ll probably be happier playing your own music with a highly customizable app like VLC or Winamp. If you fall into the category of a casual listener, however, Spotify is an unmissable app, up there with the likes of Google Play Music or Apple Music on Android in terms of ease of use and variety of music. It works perfectly and manages to produce music (pretty much) any place, any time. For many, it's the perfect music app for the modern world.

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Spotify free download for pc windows 10